TI File Integrity Software

Welcome to the landing page for Blast TI File Integrity Software, the update to the slightly older BLASTCSS calculator security utility. This version improves on what worked in the older version of the utility, discards some of the unstable or unneeded functions, and introduces some new features to expand upon what already exists. In this version of the program the automation hooks are completely removed, as is the firewall. These may be re-added at some point, but for now file integrity and tracking are the main focus of this utility.

To learn more about the features of this utility, click on some of the other navigation tabs on this page, which mirror the tabs that can be found in the program itself and explain what you will see in that tab when using the program. Download links for the program and documentation are located beneath the navigation menu, as well as a download for the latest build of the malware definitions file (more in File Options).