My calculator crashed!

You may have done something stupid, but at least you came to the right place. This guide will show you how a crash happens, and if a crash does happen, it'll show you how to get your calculator back to the way it was and save a couple of projects in the process.

First of all, don't worry. Crashes are a natural part of growing to be a 1337 coder. You're never gonna make anything useful until you figure out how not to crash a calculator, and to do that you have to figure out how to crash it. Now that you've gone ahead and fulfilled that step, let's see how we can get your calculator working again.

But before we start, let me point out something extremely important for any coder to remember.

Step 0: BACK UP

The easiest way to keep projects alive is to never lose them in the first place, so back up. It's especially important if you're coding with Axe or ASM. Always, always back up your progress, whenever you can, even if you don't think you've added anything sufficiently stupid to your code. Crashes happen.

If you can't back up often for any reason, and even if you can, I highly recommend getting Calcsys on your calculator before anything bad happens. It will make recovering programs much, much easier and save you when backups fail.


Seriously, don't panic. You'll just do stupid stuff and mess up your calculator more. Trust me; I'd know.

All right, enough of the lame puns. Go on to step 2, or to the table of contents if you feel like it. We suggest reading this guide in order, so you don't end up using our suggestions inappropriately.

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