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K Download TI-84+ CE Blast CSS 2018
by ACagliano ClrHome Staff
**Blast Calculator Security Suite**

A series of tools for protecting your calculator's programs from misuse. This program comes with functional file integrity software, a malware scanner, and system time and date backup/restore.
K Download TI-83 Plus Yahtzee 2016
by ACagliano ClrHome Staff
Not too much needs to be said. The Yahtzee game for your TI calculator. A smooth interface and saving. No shells required. Programmed in Axe.

Yahtzee owned by Hasbro.

K Download TI-83 Plus PolyAIO V3 2015
by ACagliano ClrHome Staff
In the third and final installment of my Polynomials All-In-One algebra utility, I maintain and upgrade the same features as in Version 2, and add a Settings menu and saving ability to the roster. Unlike other tools of its kind, which require you to type in lists and output in lists, this program lets you input a string...the polynomial just as you see it, but with a slightly different formatting. For example, to calculate: (x^2-1)(x)-(7x+34x^2), you type in:


Supported Functions: polynomial addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, derivative, integral, and zeroes finding. Multiple polynomial operations may be chained. See the documentation for detailed instructions, as well as a description of algorithms used.
K Download TI-83 Plus Lewis Structures 2015
by ACagliano ClrHome Staff
This program calculates the lewis structure of a molecule, given input by symbols.

*Very old program
K Download TI-83 Plus Pokemon Battles 2015
by ACagliano ClrHome Staff
A Pokemon Battle Simulator. Create a Pokemon and battle your way through 20 levels, while fighting an AI that gradually strengthens. Beat all 20 levels to win.
K Download TI-83 Plus Pok&eacutemon Battles 2015
by ACagliano ClrHome Staff
A Pokémon Battle Simulator. Create a Pokémon and battle your way through 20 levels, while fighting an AI that gradually strengthens. Beat all 20 levels to win.
K Download TI-83 Plus Polynomials AIO v2 2015
by ACagliano ClrHome Staff
Second redesign of my polynomial math tool. Input is based on a two-part query string separated by a colon (:). The first part is a list of operators, the second part is a list of operands. Repeated exponents or exponents out of order do not glitch. Derivative, integral, or zeroes of a function also supported. Negative exponents not supported. Error catching for negative exponents, division by zero, and bad input implemented. In addition, prepend the input string with a "W" or a "w" to show work. Documentation here.
K Download TI-83 Plus Polynomials AIO 2013
by ACagliano ClrHome Staff
An update, and complete rewrite, to my Polynomial Math program, also on the list to the left, Polynomials AIO is a very extensive suite of polynomial tools. This package can do algebraic functions: polynomial addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and finding the zeroes of a function. It can also do the calculus functions of derivative, integral, finding local minima and maxima, and finding points of inflection.

This program brings newer, faster algorithms for pretty much everything, and is several times faster at processing the string you input. Unlike most tools of this type, you can actually type the polynomial exactly as you see it (like 3x^5 - 7x^4 + 2x^3 - 12x^2 + 21x + 11), instead of in a list of numbers. This program is not fooled by exponents that are repeated. For example, if you type 7x^2 + 14x - 2x^2, the program will add the like terms. In addition, this program supports fractional coefficients.
K Download TI-83 Plus tok8x 2013
by shmibs ClrHome Staff
tok8x is a small C program for converting back and forth between plain text files and tokenised program files for the 83+/84+ calculators. i wrote it as a fast, lightweight, scriptable alternative to the large gui applications usually used for this purpose. the 84+CSE is not yet supported, partly because i don't know the differences in the new file format and partly because i don't have one to test with.
K Download TI-83 Plus Polynomial Math 2012
by ACagliano ClrHome Staff
This program is for the average high school or college student who wants a simpler way to do math with polynomials. Note: this program does not substitute for an actual knowledge of the topic. This program does not show work. Anyone who wishes for this program to show work may go to and contact me via the "Contact" page. Anyone visiting this page is granted an unlimited license to download, use, and distribute this software, so long as you do not edit the source code.

This program utilizes a simple algorithm that works on most simple polynomials. It can theoretically handle division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction of polynomials with an infinite number of terms, although I urge users not to test that. The program will request you to input the terms of the two operands, in descending order of exponents. A term with no coefficient must be entered as 1 and a missing term must be entered as 0. As of Version 3.1, this program supports fractions in the numerator, denominator, and quotient.

Speed-wise, this program is extremely fast. Although it is the fastest with addition and subtraction, it is surprisingly fast with division. It takes longer to do multiplication.
K Download TI-83 Plus Fruit Ninja 2012
by Deep Thought ClrHome Staff
Yeah, that Fruit Ninja. Featuring a revolutionary control scheme, this game stays true to the original's Classic Mode, complete with bombs, combos, and beautiful rotating 3D fruit graphics. Swipe, flick, and zig-zag across your calculator's keypad to destroy the fruit, as if you had a touchscreen on your graphing calculator. Winner of TI-Concours 2012.

K Download TI-83 Plus Tic-Tac-Toe 2012
by Deep Thought ClrHome Staff
Yes, this has to be one of the lamest games in the history of video games, and especially since it wasn't even meant to be played on a screen of any sort. But in case you ever want to play Tic-Tac-Toe, try this version. It's got two levels of AI to test your skills. It also saves your in-progress and completed games so you can come back to them later or watch replays of previous rounds, giving you the perfect opportunity to practice and improve (at Tic-Tac-Toe).
K Download TI-83 Plus Paint15 2012
by Deep Thought ClrHome Staff
A feature-rich image editing program known for its intuitiveness and completeness, Paint15 supports monochrome images as well as images with three or four shades of gray. Images are loaded from and saved to the built-in picture variables. Features many familiar tools found in computer image editing programs, including flood-fill (or "bucket"), drawing outline and filled ellipses, drawing outline and filled rectangles, a line tool, and a freeform pen. It also allows undoing of the previous action. With it you can draw to the entire 96x64 screen (not just the 95x63 area the normal DRAW-menu tools allow you to use). Winner of TI-Concours 2012 in Axe.
K Download TI-83 Plus CopyProg 2012
by Xeda ClrHome Staff
CopyProg has been a useful assembly tool to many BASIC programmers, but it is now ready to be revamped. Pretend you could copy any program from RAM or archive to any other program, saving your flash chip and also saving your users precious RAM. Now pretend you had the ability to archive these programs, unarchive them, delete them, read lines in these programs, even if they were in archive memory, and get program names, alphabetically. Now take all that, and add the ability to not only use programs, but use appvars, tempprograms, and protected programs, strings, pictures. That isn't to say you can only copy programs to programs, and strings to strings. Instead, you can copy programs to strings, pictures to appvars, and more. This is what Copyprog offers. How big is a program that can do all this? 707 bytes. This program is perfect for large games with subprograms and other external data and for making shells (think MirageOS), but in BASIC.
K Download TI-83 Plus Snakecaster 2012
by Deep Thought ClrHome Staff
You've played Snake. Or Nibbles. Whatever you call it, you probably haven't played it like this. Snakecaster is a raycasted snake game—you can still play the game the usual way, but as you play, a large panel will show you a raycasted 3D scene. Basically, you see the game as the snake sees it (if the snake sees the world in blocks of black and white). It's 3D. In a Nibbles game. It's completely overkill, but hey, why not? Winner of TI-Concours 2012 Axe division.
K Download TI-83 Plus tileIt! 2012
by shmibs ClrHome Staff
it seemed strange that there were so many "sprite making" tools floating around and yet that i was unable to find a single general-purpose tilemap editor, despite tilemaps being so popular amongst the community. thus, i decided to create one, with all the necessary tools to easily draw tilesets, create maps using them, and export to formats usable by asm, axe, and basic programmers alike.
K Download TI-83 Plus FallDown! 2012
by Deep Thought ClrHome Staff
No, this isn't just another Falldown game. FallDown! is a partial clone of the popular iPhone game of the same name, exclamation point and all. It features true acceleration and gravity, "rolling" animations, bonuses, a high-scores table, and a dark theme like the original.
K Download TI-83 Plus Minesweeper 2011
by Deep Thought ClrHome Staff
A much-needed rewrite of my Minesweeper port from two years ago, the new version of Mine features an updated user interface, a white-on-black theme, beautiful graphics, pure-BASIC flood fill, and—yes—a timer.
K Download TI-83 Plus Simul 2011
by Deep Thought ClrHome Staff
Pong, Falldown, Avalanche, Jump, Tunnel, Obstacles—they're all classics, but have you ever tried playing four of them at once? Simul 2, first-prize winner of the extended-BASIC division of zContest 3, is a complete remake of my original game Simul, entry and third-place winner in the Omnimaga 2010 programming contest. Like the first version, this is a game of multitasking: try your hand at playing one, then two, then three and four randomized games at the same time, on the same screen! Featuring a completely redesigned interface and game controls, as well as high scores, three speeds, and new graphics, the new version promises to be much more playable and much more fun. Good luck; you'll need it.
K Download TI-83 Plus Absolute Madness 2011
by Deep Thought ClrHome Staff
Incredibly fast (for pure TI-BASIC), Absolute Madness is a puzzle/platform game with 21 levels that test your patience, creativity, and precision. In some ways a sequel to the Absolute Insanity project of 2009, it features moving enemies, manipulable boulders, animated graphics, and a completely rewritten engine that runs much faster than before. A core element of the puzzle aspect of the new game, double-map levels allow you to switch between "dimensions" and make navigating through levels that much trickier. And though you probably will never even get close to finishing, if you do find yourself out of levels to play, there's a complete level editor complete with instant testing to let you create your own maps that others can play.
K Download TI-Nspire Reversi 2011
by Deep Thought ClrHome Staff
Nspire Reversi is a port of the (electronically) classic board game Reversi, also known as Othello, to the TI-Nspire and Nspire CX. It is a complete game with artificial intelligence for either one- or two-player play. The AI comes in two modes (difficulty levels), so you can always challenge yourself! Features include dynamic sizing, color (on CX models), faultless legitimacy and win detection, hints (or cheats), and complete compatibility with TI's Student Software for desktop play. It's even compatible with the online Document player: try Nspire Reversi online in English or French! Second place winner of both the Omnimaga 2011 programming contest and the TI-Planet 2011 Lua competition.

K Download TI-83 Plus PapiJump 2010
by Deep Thought ClrHome Staff
A clone of the popular iPhone and iPod Touch game released by Sunflat Games in 2009 is now available for the TI-83 and 84 Plus! Featuring all the graphics and menus of the original game, including acceleration (to mimic tilting the iPhone screen), a parallax scrolling background, smooth scrolling, increasing difficulty, and high scores, it's almost exactly like the original.

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