TI File Integrity Software

Snapshots are a special feature added to this version of BLAST, for the primary purpose of being able to quickly undo any unwanted changes to a file. From a file integrity standpoint, this allows you to quickly revert a potentially compromised file to its last known good state with the simple press of a button. A secondary benefit to this feature will be experienced by programmers editing a program... the snapshot feature can be utilized to revert a program that has become broken due to recent changes to the last state in which it worked properly. In this way, the snapshot function doubles as a watered-down type of source control.

All program snapshots get written to a temporary application variable which stores their name, type, size, and contents. This file has an initial maximum size set at creation and can only store files until it becomes full. The maximum size of this file can be configured via the Settings tab in the program.

All actions relating to the creation, reversion, and deletion of snapshots occurs from within this tab. When you navigate to this menu, you will be shown a list of the names of all files on your calculator. Files with snapshots stored will be denoted with a camera icon. From here, you can press the 2nd key to either create or update a snapshot. Creating a snapshot writes the name, size, and contents of a file to the snapshot storage. Updating a snapshot deletes the old copy of the file and then adds a new copy. You can also press the Del key to delete a snapshot. Deleting a snapshot removes it from storage and causes anything after it to be moved forward (any delete action consolidates the free space in storage to the end of the file). Pressing the Prgm key reverts the existing version of the program to the snapshotted version, erasing any changes that have occured since the snapshot was taken. Reverting to a snapshot for a file that no longer exists recreates the file with the data stored. In this way, the snapshotting feature can also restore programs that have been removed.