Calculator Security Suite

Thank you for your interest in the community-sourced virus definitions project, a part of continuing progress on Blast Calculator Security Suite. Here, you can contribute byte sequences that are potentially seriously damaging to the TI calculator. They will be reviewed, and if approved, added to the next virus definitions release.

OpcodeWhat it Does
FB76Disables interrupts, waits for interrupt.
424C415354435353References BLASTCSS
415644454653References AVDEFS
415644617461References AVData
2105210022F805D0CD0C0502C3481402Corrupt calc. Unbootable.
415650617273Attempts to modify parser hook code.
41564564697448Attempts to edit appchange hook.

Want to help keep your calculator and your friend's safe? Submit any potentially dangerous byte-sequences (opcodes) here, and we'll review them for addition to our database.

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