TI File Integrity Software

The quarantine is a special function where potentially-hazardous programs are stored to prevent them from being run normally. Programs meant to be quarantined have their names written to a quarantine index file, meanwhile being converted to an application variable with the name AVQuarXX. The "AVQuar" segment of the file name identifies the application variable to BLAST as a quarantined file, and the "XX" segment is a number between 0 and 99 inclusive that corresponds to the index number of the file. To explain this process simply, say you add a file to a quarantine that already has three (3) files in it. The new file has its name copied to the 4th quarantine index, and then the program's contents are copied to an application variable that is named AVQuar4.

With this system, the quarantine has a maximum storage capacity of 100 programs, and this should be more than enough. From the Quarantine tab within the program, you can view a list of every program currently quarantined. From there, you can remove the program from the quarantine (and return it to a normal program) by using the 2nd key, or you can choose to delete the program by pressing Del