Calculator Security Suite

Welcome to the official project page for Blast Calculator Security Suite, or BLAST CSS. This is a program intended to bring a good number of security-related features to the Texas Instruments TI-84+ CE. Already this program has a number of features to speak of:

Program Attribute Logging

This program maintains a database of 24-bit checksums and file sizes for every program or protected program on your calculator. Every time you select Update Attributes File (Update Checksums in older versions), the database will be refreshed.

Attribute Verification

This option parses the attributes file, checks your calculator for a program of the same name, and attempts to match its attributes (size and checksum). You will see a list for each program, with the words size and checksum. If the attribute matches, the word will be shown in green. If not, the attribute will be shown in red. Every time you select Verify Attributes (Validate Checksums in older versions), this check will be run.

System Clock Backup/Restore

This is a silent feature that occurs when the program loads, before you even see the Main Menu. The program checks the Date and Time of the system and then looks for existing save of the Date and Time. If no save exists, one is created and the date/time are saved. If a save is found, the save is compared with the current system time. If the saved year is later than the system year (which will be the case if a reset occured), the system time is reset to the last saved time. If the system time is later than the saved time, the system time is saved again. The save is kept in Archive, so unless you clear out your entire calculator, this will always work.

Malware Scanning

This option loads a virus definitions file saved on your calculator and begins searching within your existing programs and protected programs for matching byte sequences. Any hits are displayed by name on the screen so that you may make a note of them. Later features will include automatic conversion to AppVar type (to prevent running them) and manual deletion from within the program.

Malware definitions for this project will be community-sourced. This means that if any calculator user knows of a byte sequence that can do serious, possibly irreparable damage to a calculator (I'm talking much worse than just clearing the RAM/Archive), please submit it to me via the virus definitions page.

Download BLASTCSS v0.9b
Virus Definitions Page