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ClrHome Productions is proud to present Legend of Zelda: Into the Dark, one of the first full-length Zelda games for your Texas Instruments graphing calculator. You will play as Link to save Princess Zelda and Hyrule from Ganon's evil reign. Battle through an extensive main world, and six dungeons, all the while fighting enemies, finding traditional items like the hookshot and fire tunic, and learning spells to aid you on your quest. Follow my progress here! This game is compatible with all Z80 TI calculator models: TI-83+, TI-84+ and their respective Silver Editions, as well as the TI-84+ emulator on the TI-Nspire.


Legend of Zelda: Into the Dark aims to bring to you all the elements of the classic Zelda titles that we love, along with a bit more. Parts of the game are scaled back, due to the graphical and programmatical limitations of the calculator, but every effort has been made to be as close as possible. This game plays similarly to the Game Boy, A Link to the Past, where you play on a virtual 2D map and move from main world to the dungeons and back again. The enemy AI is difficult...as you play, it collects info on what enemies you have trouble with and spawns more of them.

In addition, I have added some non-Zelda spells and elements to the game, namely Essence of Light. This spell creates an area of light around you, useful for lighting dark areas. It is somewhat similar to the lantern in A Link to the Past. After you defeat the third dungeon, the world slowly begins to darknen as Ganon's evil spreads. This is not scaled, the darkening is steady, so if you take longer to beat the game, the world becomes totally dark sooner. You can use Essense of Light to remove the effect within a certain area around you, which you will want to do, as in the dark you cannot see enemies, obstructions, and other things that can harm you. This very effect was the inspiration for the title of this game "Into the Dark".

News from the Blog

Zelda reboot on 06/03/14

I have decided to at least make an attempt at a Legend of Zelda reboot, since my Star Trek project was a bit too involved, but I don't entirely want to shave off the concept of a playable game. I feel like my assembly abilities have increased, so I should be able to get a decent amount of this game done. That being said, if anyone with some spare time and some assembly experience is able to code graphics, movement, and AI, please feel free to comment this post and ask me for access to the repository on Bitbucket. Anyone who contributes will be listed as a co-author.

One of the features I've considered for this game for about halfway through the game, to resemble a spread of evil, the graphics to slowly darken until the screen is entirely black, requiring the use of magic to light the area around you.

Legend of Zelda progress on 09/25/11

Hello and thank you for your interest in the Legend of Zelda project. I hope you will enjoy this project when it is finished. Please visit out project page here. Feel free to post any suggestions, comments, or questions.

Currently, the game will be a TI Flash Application, compatible with the TI-83+, TI-84+, and TI-84+ Silver Edition. It may require up to two flash pages (32 kb). You will be able to visit most areas of a typical Legend of Zelda game, including the Lost Woods, Gerudo Desert, Lake Hylia, ect. There are seven dungeons, each with separate enemy classes, traps, and abilities. You will be able to collect many of the same items that you can in any other Legend of Zelda game. I did leave out a few, namely the boomerang, and a few others that I deemed unnecessary, or that would be too migraine-inducing to attempt to program. For a full list of what you can expect in this game, see our project page by clicking the link or the banner above.

Please follow this blog or the project page for updates, screenshots, and releases.

Zelda updates on 09/02/11

My Legend of Zelda project has been given a complete overhaul. First off, it is being done in Z80, not Axe. Second, I have redone the mapping system. Instead of having one large main world map, it will be divided into smaller areas, with a separate map for each area. This will make the design and coding of the maps so much easier for me. Also, I have revised the enemy handling. While the enemy initial position will be on the tilemap, when a screen is loaded the positions of enemies will be loaded into an array and handled from there. There will be different enemy types, each with different health and weaknesses.

Current progress

Legend of Zelda coming in -4233 days

Follow my progress with a userbar! Get the code at ClrHome Productions.


  • Tile list
  • Items and inventory
  • Saving/Loading
  • Tilemapper
  • Greyscale engine


houseimg.gif pixelscape demo.gif watertemplezelda.gif zeldacliff.gif zeldashow.gif zeldasplash.gif zeldavillage.gif