Thank you for downloading Snakecaster. It was compiled using Axe Parser 0.5.3b. Enjoy!

 __  __  __ |    __  __  __  __ |_  __  __
|__ |  ||  ||_/ |__||   |  ||__ |  |__||
___||  ||_/|| \ |__ |__ |_/|___||_ |__ |


Use TI Connect or TiLP to download SNAK3D.8xp to your calculator. That's it! No other files are needed.

To play, you can run Asm(prgmSNAK3D from the home screen or start it from any popular shell supporting the Ion format, including Ion, MirageOS, and DoorsCS.


Some brief instructions are displayed when the program starts. It is not meant to be complete, only as a quick reminder; please continue reading for detailed descriptions of controls.

Press 2nd or ENTER to start the game, or press MODE or CLEAR to quit.


After a brief pause of about half a second (to prepare you for a new game or new level), the game begins. The main game screen is composed of three sections:

Each time the snake consumes an apple, it grows in length. In the first level it grows by four segments, in the second it grows by six, in the third eight, and so on. When the snake gets long enough, the next level begins with a new pattern of walls. After eight levels, you win.


Copyright (C) 2011 DEEP THOUGHT (, a member of:

You are free to download, use, and transfer this software at will. If the source has been made available to the public (in the case of TI-BASIC programs, if the program is not edit-locked), you may assume that you are also allowed to modify and redistribute the program with your modifications, so long as both the original author (DEEP THOUGHT) and the person making any modifications are clearly identified.